Gold Shield Cars is our main limousine partner in that we refer most all of our jobs that we cannot accommodate to them.  They are a great company and keep a very updated and larger fleet of limousines.  Therefore, we have chosen them as our go to partner when we need extra help on bigger jobs or when we are simply overbooked or full.There are several really nice limousine companies in the Lexington, KY metropolitan area.

    Celebrity Limousine has a nice fleet for party bus rentals if you have a large group of people who need transportation.

    271 Limo and 273 Limo are the owners of Thoroughbred Limousines and they are also a very nice and reputable limo company that we often refer our clients to that we are unable to serve.  Thoroughbred Limousines are a great company for limo rentals in Lexington and around the Bluegrass region.

    Happy’s Limousine Service is also a local mogul that’s been in the Lexington limousine industry for a number of years.  Happy’s Limousine Service was spawned off the old Happy the Glass Man Company and has thrived in the local limo business.

    All of these companies provide great service and we welcome you to check and compare limousine prices in Lexington.  What you’ll find is that we are all pretty competitive and have nearly the same limousine rental rates.

    You may find other limousine services that have cheap rates.  These companies probably don’t have the newest limousines in the industry.  It’s just not feasible in this business to charge cheap rates and have the latest limos on the market.

    Our limousines are affordable and our price point is parallel with industry standards.  Obviously it cost more to rent a Hummer Limo than it would to rent an old 1990’s model Lincoln Sedan limousine.

    So beware of the rate you’re paying for your limousine or party bus rental.  You may wind up with far less than you bargained for.

    A cheap limo rental in Lexington isn’t quite the same as an affordable limousine.  Cheap limo rates will get you a ghetto limo ride!  If that’s what you want, then get a cheap limousine for your next big outing.  Don’t call us.

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